Life is not rational, an affair of the heart

It cuts to the quick, so deep and so sharp                                  There's a blue note that bends

What use in opinions about the way that it should be             And it bends around bad news

Look to the chance, look to the living                                          It does not protect

                 "Love is Not Faint of Heart"                                        But it does not confuse

                                                                                                                        "Child of the Blues"

           Is there a crime, that I must commit

           Is there a shoe, that I'm supposed to fit                    Heart is a message, heart is an angel

           Is there a wall, designed to make me quit                Inside of you

                    "Run For It"                                                          Heart is a mind, heart is a well

 So it's true, this rumour of a soul                                         Heart is true

 So it's true, this rumour of a love that won't let go           Keep your heart tuned

           "Ain't It Something"                                                    And life, will not find you, too blue

                                                                                                                "Heart is a Message"

   I don't believe in angels

   Because I see them every day                  Here's a little plan for a man or a mouse                

   I don't believe in a lot of things               Invest your money in a nice little house

   That point me on my was                         With a nice little lawn and a green lawn mower

          "Weathervanes"                                   Get a plastic read gas can and some plenty-grower

                                                                          You can spend your day in the garden with the bugs

                                                                          And vote for the man who pushes violent drugs

                                                                                          "Violent Drugs"   

I had a friend who fell so deeply

That she became an angel to him                             The hotels were all booked up

And he told me that he actually heard them          And we hadn't a place to stay

Bells ringing when she came into the room            Then we found one way over-priced

When his love came in the room                               And I finally allowed us to pay        

    "The Grace of Loving You"                                    But I didn't know you were planning

                                                                                         To leave me anyway

          Take the flowers out of the water                     On a routine night, in a routine town

           I tell you the obituary lied                                The desk staff joined hands with the maid

            I never once broke through                              And we fell on our knees to pray

            And made love true                                                                        "The Cathedral"        

             I was just an ordinary guy

                "The Obituary Lied"                              I could stay here forever underneath these stars

                                                                                   I could stay here forever, darling in your arm

Justine, two crows are walking on our lawn      If there was one gift I could give to you

Justine, two crows are walking on our lawn       It would be a night like this

I dare to turn my back, one of them is gone        It would be a sensation

                           "Justine"                                                                         "Song For Kitsilano"

             And we look up, to the stars

             Somebody measured how far

             And we look down, to our hands

             To the lines and the prospects, the visions and the plans

             And all these things, we must lose, when we die

             From time to time

                             "Time to Time"