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Blues Study Group: Pentatonic soloing, 3 string comping.

I will present some exercises and thoughts on how

to deepen knowledge of the pentatonic scale.  Open

discussion is encouraged so we can all benefit from

each other’s insights.  For the rhythm players I will

present on 3 string blues comping chords.  Coffee

break time?  If anyone wants to learn “Hard Time Killing

Floor” by Skip James I will have a tab and be happy to

dive into it a bit.  I think it is a stunning song and it’s use

of guitar riffs is great.

Most of all, let’s jam the blues!  Whether we’re playing

songs and working on the presentation skills, or just

playing songs from our song list, making music is what

it’s all about.  Blues music.

Usual location.  $40.  Let Paul or Lonny know if you plan

to come!