Blues Study Group for November
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group for November

I will be providing a focus on some of Bonnie Raitt’s great

blues work.  I think it will be fun to continue our grabbing

the groove work with these great Bonnie Raitt covers:

Kokomo Blues  (Fred McDowell), Guilty (Randy Newman),

Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson), Devil Got Your

Woman (Skip James), and The Road’s My Middle Name


I’ll bring the blues books too, it was great to add Catfish

Blues, Crazy Momma, and Pallet last session.  Come on out!

$40.  Let Lonny or Paul know if you’re coming.

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Guitar Workshop:  Strategies to Learn the Neck
4:00 PM16:00

Guitar Workshop: Strategies to Learn the Neck

This workshop is designed for guitarists who are players and

want strategies to learn  the unknown parts of the fretboard and

get musical all over the guitar neck.  No small order!  I think a

strategy is necessary, one that is enjoyable and always involves

playing music.  It also should take advantage of what we know

and the musical path we are on.  This

individuality is important, it shapes the musician we are. 

This workshop is free to students of South Island studios.

$30 for others.  But let me know if you’re coming!  I will stop

at six participants.  Contact me or Lonny at South Island Studio.   

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Blues Study Group:   Blues Grooves
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group: Blues Grooves

       Here’s a new season of our monthly blues study group and

it seems to me that starting with the grooves that keeps the

blues alive is a good beginning.  I’ll give a general presentation

but then it all comes down to the comping and the energy.  Let’s

play music and share tips!

      I’ll also do a short presentation on Big Bill Broonzy’s “Key to

the Highway”.  Acoustic, standard tuning.  Check out this link to

see and here Big Bill in action:

     So please come out!  Same deal, same location, check with me

or Lonny if you don’t know the deal.

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Mark Knopfler Acoustic Style
1:00 PM13:00

Mark Knopfler Acoustic Style

 In this workshop we look at Mark

Knopfler’s great fingerstyle acoustic

guitar playing.  From fairly easy strummers

to “oh my goodness how does he do that”

a good time is promised for all.  For those

not familiar with Knopfler's output over the

years check it out online... it's a goldmine

of great songs.  Knopfler fan Richard Burns

will co-present.

This is a freebie for my clients.    Email

me if you're coming or contact Lonny,

250 592-3501

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Guitar:  Know the Neck
7:00 PM19:00

Guitar: Know the Neck

We’ll look at strategies to learn the neck.

This is beneficial to being able to find up

the neck chord voicings, solo on chord tones,

and generally venture into zones we don’t

usually play in.  It takes time to learn the neck

but with a strategy and consistent practice

it is as doable as learning your first chords.

$35.  email me or contact Lonny, 250 592-3501,

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Blues Saturdays:  Open G tuning, July 14, 21 and 28th.
to Jul 28

Blues Saturdays: Open G tuning, July 14, 21 and 28th.

Blues Open G:  Robert Johnson -  in this workshop we

focus on the song  “Crossroads”  as played by Robert

Johnson.  Detailed study  of this song will naturally lead to

a good understanding of his style in open G tuning.

Sat. July 14, $35.  email me or contact Lonny,

250 592-3501

10am to 11:30am

Blues Open G:  Muddy Waters – in this workshop

we focus on the song I Feel Like Goin’ Home” as

played by Muddy Waters.  Studying one song

leads to lots of references to other Muddy Waters

songs as well.  Sat. July 21st.  $35, email me or

contact Lonny.    10am to 11:30am

Blues Open G:  John Lee Hooker  -  in this workshop

we focus on the song Crawling Kingsnake” as

played by John Lee Hooker.  John Lee’s free

approach and solid rhythm is always worth

studying and emulating.   Sat. July 28th.  $35,

email me or contact Lonny, 250 592-3501,    10am to 11:30am

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Blues Study Session
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Session

Focus for this session is soloing over chord changes that move

outside of the usual blues 12 bar.  We'll look at comping possibilities

as well.  Songs selected for a look are:  "Still Got the Blues for You",

"Nobody Wants You When You're Down and Out", "From 4 Until

Late", and "Momma Just Wants to Barrelhouse".  

We'll also continue to expand our blues book repertoire.  Same

location, if you don't know it call South Island Studio,

250 592-3501 or email.

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 Neil Young:   the songs, the guitar playing
to Jun 23

Neil Young: the songs, the guitar playing

I've done this workshop a several times and always look forward to it.

It only gets better learning Neil’s guitar style and his songs run the

gamut from bluegrass to brash rock and roll.   "Harvest Moon " to

"Keep on Rocking in the Free World".  Popular standards and so much

that is uniquely Neil.  As a player this is a chance to develop pick skills

and syncopation in your strums and riffs.  If you want to write some

songs, studying Neil is great for diversity of subject, modes, song

structures, and melody.  A chance to play, a chance to study, a chance

to deepen your repertoire. 


Saturdays: (2018)  April 28th, May 26th, and June 23rd.   4 – 5:30pm   $115.

South Island Studio:  contact Lonny to register, 250 592-3501

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Blues Study Group April:  BB King
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group April: BB King

With great anticipation of lots of great playing and

fun we'll shine a light on BB King again.  "Sweet Little

Angel" will be our starting point and we can add some

of his other classics to our blues book as well.  As usual

we'll jam other blues standards.  Look forward to

seeing you there.  Spring blooms and the blues!

$40.  Usual location.  Let Lonny know you're coming,

250 592-3501.

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Blues Study Group
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group

I will present on open G riffs and songs in the Delta bluesslide style.

I think that if we separate the riffs from the rhythm parts and

listen for the "call and answer" nature of blues songs we can learn

to play them more easily and with more authority.  Of course it's

all about great songs and great artists.  I've chosen Johnny Winter's

"Dallas" and Muddy Water's "Train Fare Blues"  to get us started.

If you don't play slide come out and give it a shot,  I'll bring extra

slides.  And there will be lots of songs to jam to any tuning, and mostly

in the key of G and A. 

Usual location, contact Lonny;  250 592-3501.   $40.


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Blues Study Group and Jam - February
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group and Jam - February

     I’ll present some material on what I can dig up on Steve Cropper

blueswise.  What are those subtle licks on "Green Onions"?  And

then there's the Blues Brothers.  Personally, though it's not the blues,

I've always been fascinated with "Dock of the Bay" 's use of G, B,

C, A, F, D, and E...  all major chords!

       Also a look at BB King’s melodic soloing string bends.  I got hooked

again seeing a video where he plays with John Mayer on youtube.  What

a master!  Do I need lighter strings!

Lots of jamming with our ever growing song list!  Bring any guitar, always

good to hear other tunings and we can translate licks into the different

tuning.  Good learning! Usual location, if you don't know it contact Lonny.  



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Americana Acoustic Guitar
to Mar 24

Americana Acoustic Guitar

Steve Earle, Mark Knopfler, , The Avett Brothers, Calexico, Dylan, Alison

Kraus,, Gillian Welch;  songwriters continue to draw on the North American

folk /blues /country traditions of popular guitar styles and songwriting.

Call it Americana.   There is so much to study.  We'll take a selective look

at what contemporary players are doing and how it has sprung from such

players as Ma Carter, Woody Guthrie, Jimmie Rodgers, Charlie Patton and

Leadbelly..  We’ll carefully chose songs that exemplify alternate bass style,

Ma Carter style, and pick/strum style accompaniment skills.  Bring your

favourite song to the group for analysis.  If you’re a writer, let’s write under

the influence.  I’ll provide strategies.  Heart and Craft.  Study and play. 

Hope you can make it!

Saturdays:  (2018)  Jan 27th, February 24th and Mar. 24th.    4 – 5:30pm

South IslandStudios:  $115.  Contact Lonny to register, 250 592-3501

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Blues Study Group:  Deep blues in E standard tuning.
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group: Deep blues in E standard tuning.

We've got so many great tunes to jam on.  Bring the guitar

you've been playing most, electric or acoustic.  I'll have

chord lyric sheets ready for St. James Infirmary, Stormy

Monday, Shake Your Money Maker, and many more from

our songlist.

My short presentation will be on Deep Blues in E standard

tuning.  I've chosen three songs to represent what I consider

to be almost a genre;  Catfish Blues, (Rolling Stone), It

Serves Me Right to Suffer, and Voodoo Child.  All these songs

are almost one chord songs in E with a driving slow beat and

copious use of first position riffs in E.  A must for all blues

players in my opinion.  

See you there!  Register / let Lonny know if you're coming:

250 592-3501,  South Island Studios, $40, he'll confirm location.


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Blues Study Group
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group

Two hours to play the blues!  I'll present on soloing in the key of

D.  That will be for open tuning and for standard tuning.   Sliders

and pickers, we'll do some standards in the key of D.

As usual most of the session will be given to jamming on blues

songs with chord lyric sheets provided when possible.  I encourage

you to bring a tune as well, some of our best tunes have come that

way.           10am to noon.   $40.   Usual location, contact me

for any details or questions.


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Blues Study Group
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group

As requested I will present on John Lee Hooker.  We'll look at

"Boogie Chillen".  This has classic J.L. Hooker riffs and the

back beat rhythm leads naturally to a look at "Shake Your Hips"

(Slim Harpo, Rolling Stones) and "La Grange" (ZZ top).  It

will probably lead to other songs as well in true blues fashion.

 As always we will play the songs we study and we'll play other

blues songs as well.  "How Long Blues", "Stormy Monday',

our list of jammers is getting big and I'll bring lyric and chord

sheets for all.

For John Lee, well he is in open G tuning for "Boogie Chillen",

and that is very handy for the back beat groove.  However if

you prefer to play in standard tuning just be ready to play in the

key of G.

Usual location, call Lonny for details and let him know you're

coming.  250 592-3501,   $40.

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Songwriter's Study:  Dylan Acoustic
to Nov 25

Songwriter's Study: Dylan Acoustic

A favourite workshop or mine because of the wealth of material.  We'll

look at Dylan's early folk scene songs,  ("Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" is great).

We'll check out Dylan with altered tunings,  ("Blood on the Tracks" album and

more).  And we'll look at later Dylan acoustic, again... the selection is stellar. 

It's a rewarding study for guitarists and songwriters alike. My goal is to be clear

about exactly what Dylan played, how the song could be adapted to your

style, and how to use the songs as a springboard for songwriting.    

At South Island Studio. Contact  Lonny to register:

    250 592-3501     $115

Saturdays:  Sept 30th, Oct. 28th and Nov. 25th.

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Blues Study Group
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group

Our beautiful studio space is available again and ready for some music.

My presentation will be in standard tuning.  I'll present on handy tricks that

utilize the full fretboard  for the keys of E, A, G, and D.    This will include

anatomy of turnarounds in these common keys.  But don't let me present too long!

We come to play.  Bring acoustic or electric, bring the guitar you want to play on. 

 All levels of playing can find a part in our sessions.  Contact: Lonny at South

 Island Studio,  250 592-3501,  to let him know you're coming.  $40.  

P.S.  We'll do "One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer" as requested, and as

requested future sessions will be grooving with some open G.tuning.  (Kokomo

Arnold, J.L. Hooker)   Looking forward to it!

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Songwriting Workshop
10:00 AM10:00

Songwriting Workshop

Songwriting Workshop:    Sat. July 22nd, 10am to 4pm.  $100.  At South Island Studio.  Lunch break at noon.

 For:  All songwriters or players interested in writing.

 Presented by:  Paul Mowbray. 

 Paul Mowbray has been performing, teaching music and presenting workshops in Victoria for ten years.  He was co-leader of the Victoria Songwriter’s Association group for three years.  Hear Paul’s music at:



Workshop Plan:   We will do four songwriting exercises where we break from the group and work either alone or in collaboration with one or two others.  Then we come back to the group and work with the results.  The exercises will be on:  hookline and lyric, melody,rhythm grooves, and chord progressions.  Finally an opportunity will be provided to present an example of our own work for group feedback.  As many as possible will be accommodatedin this part of the workshop.

 To sign up:  Contact Lonny at South Island Studio, 250 592-3501. 

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Blues Study Group
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group

Soloing strategies:  I’ll bring some soloing strategies derived

from some great blues solos.  Let’s step out a bit and see what

we can do with different approaches.

Suggest your favourite solo!   Lately I've been checking out

Steve Cropper.

Those who like to comp along will have lots of songs to work

with and we’ll have a discussion of comping skills. 

And there’s the usual repertoire, too large to list but:  Stormy

Monday, How Long Blues, Love in Vain, Down in the Bottom,

Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse,  and more. 

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Blues Study Group
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group

There will be a focus on damping and percussive effects in

the blues.  In particular I'll look at a couple of RL Burnside

tunes and John Hooker's "Boogie Children".  For Burnside

check out youtube:

We'll also do some Chuck Berry,  born out of the blues.

Which guitar to bring?  Well, either standard tuning or open

tuning.  I mean,  bring a board to tap your foot on and a

washboard too.  It's all the blues! 

Let Lonny know you're coming.  We'll be at usual location and

if you don't know it Lonny does.  250 592-3501          $40

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Blues Study Group
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group

We'll be jamming songs in the key of D.   Presentation will be

a delta blues song in open D,  a rockin' Elmore James song, and

chord voicing suggestions for comping in key of D (open tuning and

 standard tuning).   So bring your acoustic in open D, your

electric to try some Elmore style, or your standard tuned acoustic

or electric.  It's all the blues.  We can visit our past jamming

repertoire, ( in D);  How Long Blues,  Love in Vain,  Killin' Floor

Blues,  Stormy Monday,  etc.   As always,  specific material is presented

and the floor is open to make music and try skills.   See you there!

$40.     Call Lonny 250 592-3501 if you're coming.



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Guitar Workshop:  Neil Young
to Apr 29

Guitar Workshop: Neil Young

Three one and a half hour workshops spaced one

month apart from each other.     $115.

This workshop will present an in depth look at how to

play the songs and an analysis of Neil Young’s songwriting. 

I’ve done this workshop before and the originality of Neil’s

writing combined with the great guitar parts always

proves rewarding. 

Whether you’re a curious acoustic player or a serious

songwriter there is great music here. 

   To register:  Lonny at South Island Studio:  250 592-3501


Three 1 1/2 hour Saturday sessions (4:00 - 5:30), one

month apart.   Feb. 25,  April 1st,  April 29th.    $115.    

Presented by Paul Mowbray and Lonny Koch.

Location:   South Island Studio                 

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Blues Study Group
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group

Presentation will be a look at some country blues songs using

open G tuning;   Son House, Charley Patton.

You can bring a slide and an acoustic to put in open G.  Or

bring an acoustic or electric and be ready to learn and jam

some tunes in the key of G.   As usual we'll dive into playing

a good variety of blues songs, new and from our ongoing


Register with Lonny:  250 592-3501     $40    Location TBA.

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Blues Study Group
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group

Blues Study Group rides again!  

Let’s play some blues.  We’ll start with a short presentation on some

of Hubert Sumlin’s guitar work.  (backed Howling Wolf in height of

Chicago blues era).  After the quick look we’ll jam these tunes and

many more blues standards. 

Hope you can come out and play!

Sat. January 28th.   10am to noon.  $40.  

Contact Lonny, 250 592-3501 to confirm and we’ll

confirm location with you as well.

Paul and Lonny

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Carl Perkins and Rockabilly Guitar continued...
to Nov 26

Carl Perkins and Rockabilly Guitar continued...

Of course I'd heard Blue Suede Shoes but it was George

Harrison and the Beatles that introduced young old me

to how cool this music is.  Britain bringing it back to North

America... and us eating it up.  Honey Don't,  Matchbox,

(and doesn't that go back to Blind Lemon Jefferson?) and

of course Blue Suede Shoes.  If you don't have an electric

we'll lend you one at the session. 

Book with Lonny:  250 592-3501,   South Island Studios

$65.     Two Saturdays,  4 - 5:30pm.

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Blues Study Group
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group

  • Location TBA when you register Victoria, BC Canada (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

This has been a fun ongoing group and much music is being

made.  Revisiting the growing song list each time:  Stones in

My Passway, St. James Infirmary,  Mystery Train, Hound Dog,

Key to the Highway, Crying Won't Help You,  Mama Just Wants

To Barrelhouse, we are definitely covering the bases. 

And our new study focus for November's session.  Eric Clapton.

The guy has made so much music I had to somewhat arbitrarily

decide where to start.  Listening to early Blues Breakers and

an updated intro to "Little Queen of Spades"  where Eric says

he plays just a little bit outside of what he normally tries to


That's where we'll start!  See you there.  $40.  Register with

Lonny at South Island Studios.  250 592-3501.  Location TBA.


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Blues Study Group
10:00 AM10:00

Blues Study Group

Great time last session.  Worked on Stones in My Passway

(Robert Johnson) and Crying Won't Help You. (BB King)

We jammed on Crying, St. James Infirmary, From 4

Until Late, and Key to the Highway.  Session two will

open with more of Stones and Crying, a chance to clarify

and touch up.  Then we'll look at T Bone Walker's "T

Bone Shuffle".  Then we'll jam.   $40     10 am til noon.

Contact me or phone Lonny if you're coming. Lonny:

     250 592-3501         We'll let you know the location!

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